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The following are productions, past, present, future and ones that probably will never happen but will be talked about vigorously all under the Shev Lucy/Geo Bohemus Productions Label.

Siobhan's Masturbating World - The antics of about 400 mad people who live in Glasgow and who's lives are endangered each week by Miss O'Hagan, maths teacher evil extraordinaire. Can Shev, a girl on the brink of sleep save us all? (Very little Masturbating actually in this show, especially by good characters)

B+B - When Tobias Lohmann (the infamous, blasphemous ex of Shev) joins the madness in Glasgow, he is less than welcome, especially when he moves into the B+B just down the road from Shev. Also features the madness of life with all your Secondary School favourites like Stephanie's pancakes, Hannah's kickboxing and Amanda getting her head stuck in a fence.

Geo and the City - The less than thoughtful revelations of Geo McGowan, a boy who contemplates little else than sleep and black-market pickles with a range of zany regulars including Shev and her Dad's Air hockey table, Aimar, Boyd (and his blood-debt to the NHS for stealing a wheelchair) and the wonder of mint imperials.

French - The critically acclaimed joint venture of Shev and Geo - a story of love, compassion, gay room-mates, bad facial hair, accidental death by toast set in the film-noir backdrop of Paris and London featuring the confused French on/off lovers Koma and Charlotte and many others like Buddhist Fruit Merchant Sid Arthur "apples and pears, dog and bone, the middle way that's what I say, Buddhism, take it or leave it".
("French" can now be found at www.livejournal.com/~___french___)

Little Bradleysville - The worst soap in the world! A small neighbourhood which centres around it's pub "The Royal German Hat Booze Establishment" finds itself constantly in turmoil as each week one of its inhabitants dies, comes back to life, commits incest, becomes their own grand-daughter and is later beaten up by Proony, the owner of the UK's favourite German Establishment!

Lobster: THE SPIN-OFF!: As the only highly ridiculous character of acclaimed 'French', Lob spins off into his new life back home in Heilbronn, that is, before he is accidentally captured, taken to Glasgow where everyone hates him and thinks he is a horny bugger. Currently on 11 Seasons and counting. "LOL"
("Lobster, The Spin-Off!" can now be found at www.livejournal.com/~lobsterspinoff)

Conspiracy & a Prawn Sandwich: The TV show adapted from the (as yet unwritten) hit trilogy of the same name. Shev and Geo, formally suspected of 3 high-profile murders and having a knack for solving them and getting themselves out of trouble are hired by the police to solve some crime, usually involving a revelation when eating a Prawn Sandwich.

Lenin!: Somewhat similar to Prawn Sandwich, Shev and Geo become detectives in a bad-mock up of hit show 'TAGGART' and usually copy every plot line and twist they have, episodes mostly spent saying "yeah, am wax" and eating Ice Cream to our theme tune.

New Nodod: The new improved adventures of Captain Chuck Pixie, ManFairy (no longer a possible homosexual) and Commando Amando in the Kingdom of Nodod, a land made mostly of cardboard and shite demons. Also featuring comedy favourites such as Mongol but REALLY nice girl friend and Mathew Kelly.

Glasgow: the Musical: The acclaimed Musical about two people, a million of their friends and once City. Glasgow: The Musical offers everything from heart-felt numbers to cheesy dreams about Kelly Marie and singing Germans "top notch" says Billy Connolly.

Glasgow: The Musical 2 "Holiday in Heilbronn": The sequel to the acclaimed musical sees the gang taking on Heilbronn, Germany, in yet another tale of confused feelings, musical badness (features a song from the Spice Girls) and Edam on a stick. "The best of the Trilogy" says Amanda "Bin wieder da Urlaub in Lloret war sooo geil" says Tobias.

Glasgow: The Musical 3 “The Return to Glasgow”: The final in the Trilogy sees the story taking a dark turn, no longer a tale of innocence but now a tale of drugs, deception, death, suicide, murder, and the worst of all, features Jass Man of Babylon Zoo! Sinners repent! “It was lovely” remarks Miss O’Hagan, making a cameo appearance.

Glasgow: The Musical 4 “The Day That Wasn’t Supposed to Come”: And it probably wont, since Siobhan hasn’t wrote it.

Flatmate Tales: After taking about 300 revisions on the plot, the story of Flatmate Tales is now somewhat different from the original plot (Fatty being in Pop Idol). It is now a tale of Japanese Love, soup, annoying Emo boys, meeting the love of your life as he busks on Buchanan Street and of inappropriate German nudity and continuity errors (getting a taxi to a bar, getting pished then driving in your car which has magically appeared). In short, a modern classic.

Flatmate Tales 2: Caucasians and Asians: Currently still in the planning process, a tale of meeting the parents of your prospective love and then wondering why they are so annoyed while Lola attempts to get her van to Japan. Little is known about this title, even to it’s creator. Way-hey!
("Flatmate Tales" and "Flatmate Tales 2: Caucasians and Asians" can now be found at the following: www.livejournal.com/~flatmatetales)

The Untitled Trilogy: A tale of 5 friends and their progress (and lack of it) in life over a number of years, a heart-warming tale of friendship and of bad fake locations like Pillock, Flowers4U and of course the obligatory German characters that are evil. Fun for all the family.
("The Untitled Trilogy" can now be found at www.livejournal.com/~untitledtrilogy)

And more coming soon! (When I can be arsed).